Cynthia Rowley vs grid lines

I’m sorry to say that past-Debbie was a bit more reckless with the pre-treatment of her fabric than she is today and my culottes suffered the brunt of this carelessness. They shrank in the wash. But the good news is that they have been refashioned into something that no longer prevents me from breathing.

There’s a good amount of fabric in a pair of culottes. I had just enough to make my new favourite top, another Cynthia Rowley Tee (seen before here and here). And it just so happens that I had a pair of matchy, matchy Esther shorts on stand-by, ready to turn this top into another Two-Piece Set-Acular. However, shorts season is pretty much at an end here, so in reality, I’ll be wearing this top with jeans, which might be a good thing. Is it just me, or did past-Debbie also forget to separate the colours in the wash? The top definitely looks a little more of a buttery white than the shorts.

I only made one extra modification to the top this time. I added a panel of faux leather down the front and back, mainly because a CF and CB seam of those gridlines would have just looked odd, even if I had them perfectly matched.

Yep, pretty happy with this make, but it’s nearly time for me to pack away my Summer gear. I’m going to try really hard to stick to seasonally appropriate makes this year. I’m so fickle with fashion that it just doesn’t make sense to make things, only to refashion it again before I wear it. But then again, that means I get two makes for the price of one! I see that as a win in my world. Some would disagree. 

In any case, I’m planning to live vicariously through the Summer making of my Southern hemisphere counterparts. So tell me, if you are watching the days get longer, what exciting sewing plans do have for Summer? And if you are on my side of the world, is it going to be a project list of coats and knits for Winter, or will you still sneak in the odd summer frock or two?

10 thoughts on “Cynthia Rowley vs grid lines

  1. lsaspacey

    Well, as it turns out, procrastination and work have slowed down my progress on my last summer dress. I'm STILL working on it even though the first day of Fall has just passed. Oh, well, there are always cardigans to wear, right?



    Super cute. I'm a big fan of all your makes!
    I'm heading to summer however my head is full of jackets still because while it's warmer… it's not really warm yet – if that makes sense!
    I'm really wanting a new maxi skirt, loose summer tops and I really want to attempt swimmers!


  3. Bellbird

    We are heading into summer here but I'm going to visit the U.S. at Christmas, so I'm just going to continue with whatever takes my fancy! This way I get the best of both worlds.

    I'm always inspired by your endless refashioning. I did love your culottes but your new top is a fitting tribute!


  4. Kirsty

    Oh I'm so torn with this make – you know I much I loved your culottes, but this is a wonderful refashion and that top is fabulous and will be worn heaps during fall. My mind is turning to spring makes, but unfortunately as we are spending 6 weeks in Europe for winter (1st world problems) I'm also still thinking about winter. Top of my list though – culottes!


  5. Amanda

    Debbie, I am loving this top hard. Seriously loving the shape and fit of it- you look smashing and the panel is rad! I'm finding my style is really shifting this last year and this top first the bill for what I now love- thanks for the inspiration!



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