Kwik Sew 3883: GANRYU COMME des GARCON vs Charlie Harper

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard me say this before, but I don’t particularly love sewing men’s shirts. I think it’s the degree of perfection required with those collars and cuffs. It could also be because it’s selfless sewing and the kind of sewing that doesn’t really allow me to experiment much. I’m not allowed to deviate much from a standard pattern. Well, in hubby’s case I do. He’s a fan of classic.

So after doing my nice-wifely duty of sewing him a proper business shirt for his birthday (that post will come later), I decided to experiment with a casual ,short sleeve shirt. I was inspired by a GANRYU COMME des GARCON shirt that I saw on Pinterest. My plan was to keep the pleats but colour block the bottom instead of the curved pocket details. I chose some Anna Sui chambray for the top and some white linen for the bottom.

GANRYU COMME des GARCONS 2015 Spring/Summer Collection | Hypebeast

The patten I used was Kwik Sew 3883. I’ve sewn this pattern before (here and here). It’s taken me until now to finally admit that it isn’t a great fit. The shirt is just too wide in the torso, and perhaps a little wide on the shoulders too. The seam allowance of 6mm is also impractical. I usually start out sewing the shirt with the wrong seam allowance. But even when I get it right, 6mm is way to fiddly for nice felled seams.

Overall, I don’t mind how this shirt turned out. I wanted to bring the sides in by about an inch to slim down the fit for hubby, but he opted to forgo my alterations and send it to his Dad (who is a little bigger than him) instead. His initial reasoning was that it was a Summer shirt and we were headed into Winter. But I delved a little deeper and the truth came out. The fact of the matter is that the chambray reminds him of his old school uniform and the colour blocking makes him feel like Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men. I guess colour blocked shirts are off the cards for hubby in the future then. What do you think? Have I made a Charlie Harper shirt?

10 thoughts on “Kwik Sew 3883: GANRYU COMME des GARCON vs Charlie Harper


    I like the chambray linen combo. I'm with you on sewing men's shirts though, not nearly as much fun as sewing girly things. I've just finished a Colette Walden for my fella. Lovely fabric but not adventurous.


  2. Susan from Measure Twice Cut Once

    It's a great top but I can't blame him for not wanting to be associated with the swill that is Two and a Half Men, it's despicable.
    Your shirt however is nothing like the polyester atrocities featured on the show. It's cool and reminds me of the Antwerp deconstructionist movement somehow?


  3. sallie oleta barbee

    Oh man! I was just thinking how cool the pleat and color blocking were and imagining making up a version for my Nick! I don't think this shirt is reminiscent of the Two and a Half Men buffoonery at all, but we all have our little style hangups! I always tend to make things a bit more conservative than perhaps he would like for my husband, just to avoid such tangles!


  4. Debbie Iles

    I'm not going to give up completely on this style. I actually think the main problem is that the shirt is too roomy/big for him, which makes everything look a little daggy. I know I could easily bring those sides in but I think the shoulder seam needs to be shortened a tad too. I can visualise how this would improve the look of the shirt but he can't. I'm not too fussed though – it will be the perfect size for his Dad so Christmas pressie done on that front – it's still a win 😉



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