Refashioned: butterfly kimono jacket

I’ve made more than my fair share of kimono style jackets this year (here, here, and here). The style is just so versatile, especially at this time of year when I’m trying to prolong the wear of my Summer gear by layering them upon everything.


Once again I used B5409 and modified it in the same way as earlier versions. My butterfly silk CDC lived an earlier life as a floaty maxi dress. It was lovely. I loved it, but then I moved on, and there was just too much beautiful fabric in that dress to lay dormant in my cupboard.


This time round, I used goose biot feathers to fringe the kimono for a fancy, ‘festival’ look.  Google defines fringed kimonos as festival. Who am I to argue with Google. I’ve paired it with my leather shorts and floral bustier for the photos. And if I was headed into Summer, I might have even taken this outfit out for a spin. In real life, we are headed into cooler days, so I want this kimono jacket to wear over my matching, Chanel-inspired dress and pants. I’ll be unpicking those glorious feathers because I don’t think they will fare so well on the school run. But you know me. I’ll use them again for something else.

12 thoughts on “Refashioned: butterfly kimono jacket

  1. Fabric Tragic

    Goodness it puts my little dodgy kimono to shame! Debbie I have this feeling that the women of Kansas must think that Australians are the most amazingly stylish glamazons thanks to you! I do hope you wear the feathers on the school run just once…….


  2. SewJillian

    I've just been driving home thinking “my next project has got to be that awesome kimono I've had in mind”. This is all kinds of awesome! And incidentally, I'm all for feathers, even on the school run 🙂 Now I better get my ass in gear and make my own.


  3. Kirsty

    You make me smile with all your refashions within a nano second of finishing the previous one! Oh please do the school run in this outfit. It would be outrageous. I love that chanel outfit – so please – no refashioning of that one!!



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