A denim midi skirt

Here’s a little self-drafted number that I’ve been working on for a few weeks now. You might have seen some of my sketches on Instagram as a part of Bimble and Pimble’s #bpsewvember, which by the way, is the best idea ever. I’m really loving everybody’s sewing pictures.

In addition to taking part in Sewvember, I’ve also been trying to challenge myself a bit more with my sewing. To me, this means planning, drafting and draping more of my own designs, and reading up more on construction and design. I’ve made it my goal to slowly work my way though a pattern-making textbook I own. However, I’m not moving very fast because I keep getting distracted with makes like this instead of learning the fundamentals! But I’m still discovering new tricks and flexing my brain, so I’ll let myself off the hook.

This is the midi skirt in denim that I’ve been dreaming about lately. I’m really proud of the way it turned out. The side pockets with the white denim and faux leather detail are small but still functional. I like the way they are shaped down the side of the body. I used a white zipper to match the panels and recycled an old brass belt buckle to make the waistband fastener out of faux leather.

There are two small box pleats in the front of the skirt and two larger pleats in the back. I wanted a pencil-ish shape to the skirt, but with enough ease and volume to look casual and feel comfortable. The hem is asymmetrical and the addition of the front white panel was last minute. Sometimes I need to visualise how garments are turning out (when they are half made already) to figure out what extra little touches are needed. I block fused the front panel of white denim with some lightweight woven interfacing to give it a bit more body. The white denim isn’t as heavy as the blue denim and I wanted it’s drape to match the rest of the skirt. I’ve been discovering the almost limitless potential of good quality interfacing recently which I’ll probably be talking about more in a coming post.



19 thoughts on “A denim midi skirt

  1. Carolyn

    Wow, this is fantastic! It's such a unique and interesting design, and I love that you drafted/designed it yourself. The contrast pockets and front exposed zipper are such modern details. I'm making a mental note to get back to my drafting book, since your skirt is great inspiration! 🙂


  2. Kirsty

    You should be so proud of this. The design lines are fantastic and the zipper and closure at the front are just so cool. I found myself zooming and zooming in on the details! Love it. Please don't refashion it 🙂


  3. Debbie Iles

    Thanks Helen! I guess it would depend on what you want to use the denim for. My white denim had a bit of elastane in it but I lost the stretch when I added the interfacing, but this was fine, because there was no stretch in the blue denim and I wanted the white to fall like that. I'm making a jacket right now out of cotton sateen, which isn't really jacket fabric, but I loved the print and sheen of the surface so much. I block fused interfacing to the whole thing and have fused hair canvas on top of that too – it's not finished yet, so I'm not entirely sure if it will turn out ok yet, we'll see. I guess you'd just have to be prepared to lose some stretch if you fuse your denim. This may not be great if you are making Gingers 😉 but I'd do it for anything else.


  4. SewJillian

    I love seeing your design style evolve and become braver and more adventurous. This is really special, with evident thought and consideration given to every facet. Your a brave crafter, Debbie! Some of us (AKA me) could do with some of that!


  5. Helen // Grosgrain Green

    Thanks Debbie! My denim has no stretch to begin with, so not an issue – and I want to make a Grainline Moss, which would probably work with the denim as is, but would be more of a summer skirt, and I want to wear it now (plus I don't really do minis with bare legs…). I guess I probably need to just take the risk! 😉



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