Simpicity 6138 and fabric envy

I’ve made this shirt so many times now that it’s getting ridiculous. I love that I’ve got a TNT business shirt pattern for husband. It certainly makes birthdays and Christmas easy. The fit is very good on him, even if he looks quite rumpled and uncomfortable in the photos. I did try to straighten him up a bit, but I have to call it a plus if I can simply get him in front of the camera.

Like in my last versions, my only modification was to add back darts. I still need to press them better, but somebody hastily donned his new shirt, literally before I could finish it. 

This was the fabric I’d originally chosen for his shirt, but it sold out in lightning speed. I might have been a day too late but my disappointment didn’t last long because because I discovered an equally gorgeous and unique shirt fabric that I think I like even more now. It’s call Blue Striped Unknown from Tessuti Fabrics. I’m wondering if I should get myself some more before it sells out. Or I could just steal the shirt for myself.

6 thoughts on “Simpicity 6138 and fabric envy

  1. poppykettle

    I find sewing shirts to be oddly satisfying. They look terrifying when you haven't tried one before, but they can come together so quickly once you know what you're doing! This is a gorgeous shirt – fits your beau beautifully!


  2. sallie oleta barbee

    Great looking shirt for such a great looking guy! I love that fabric – it really is a winner. This is reminding me that I have some shirting fabric stashed away to make my man another of his TNT shirts before the year is out – maybe I can get it together for Christmas??


  3. Fabric Tragic

    Very stylish indeed! I'd better not show my beloved…. I recently allowed him to choose his own fabric for a negroni. He went with skulls with flames and engine parts bursting out of them. I do not lie. Sigh.



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