Sew DIY Lou Box Top

I’d like to introduce you to my brand new, hot of the press, Lou Box tunic by Sew DIY. I was a pattern tester for this top which meant I was lucky enough to be one of the first to make it. Now, I know very well what I am like when it comes to patterns and sewing. I very rarely stick to patterns and I’m quite useless at following directions, which is why I don’t often put my hand up to test patterns. I think it would be unfair of me to sabotage a new pattern without being able to give proper feedback.

When I saw my first sneeky peek of the Lou Box top I knew I could commit to testing the pattern properly because it looked perfectly perfect exactly as it was. It is such a simple design, chic and elegant, and very easy to sew. Beth has also included a few different hemline and neckline options in the pattern, without you having to go all maverick and invent them yourself.


The pattern includes instructions for sewing it with a woven or a knit fabric. I chose to use a beautiful Italian cotton jersey for my tunic. I made the scoop neck version and I’m very happy with the degree of scoop. I used the curved hem pieces and the dip hem as a guide for the back length, and then I simply lengthened my pieces each by 10cm to create a tunic instead of a top. I wanted the longer length to wear with my leather blocked leggings.


I stitched up a size XS/X according to my measurements on the packet. This threw me, because I am a 34.5″ bust with broad shoulders which would usually place me as a size 12 or M in most patterns. I needn’t have worried though. The pattern measurements correlate beautifully and I am really happy with the fit.

I will definitely use this pattern again. It makes a fabulous summer top or tunic. I can see myself sewing up a silk version in a few months time now.

13 thoughts on “Sew DIY Lou Box Top

  1. Fabric Tragic

    Beautiful in that jersey! Love your gold shoes too. I'm with you on pattern testing – I rarely plan to make anything straight off the pattern… I'd be a bit of a useless tester I think!


  2. Debbie Iles

    Thank you! It is seriously the most beautiful jersey to feel – 100% Italian cotton and with such a fine soft drapey feel – I think mood still has it in stock unbelievably! Love my gold shoes too – I think they are hands down the best shoe purchase I've made in the past few years – they go with everything!


  3. Sharon Collins

    I have no Italian Jersey in my stash. Even though I should have after shopping at G Street in VA. You fabric is gorgeous. I like to hear good news about patterns. I hate adjusting although I know how. I can even draft.

    You do an awesome job. I was thinking about you this morning as I was looking in my Burma magazine.

    You sew very well & Look great in your clothing.



    Great make! Do you know that I spent a lot of time fingering that exact fabric at Mood when I was in NYC earlier this month and for some reason UNKNOWN TO HUMANKIND i did not buy it? Ask me how annoyed I am with myself now that I'm looking at your gorgeous top. 😉


  5. Debbie Iles

    Thank you! You should see if it is still online! It was still available a few weeks ago, but is right at the end of the jersey section – a long trawl to find it. To be honest, the colours didn't sell it for me in real life – but they've grown on me a bit. BUT that it is pure cotton is amazing and like hen's teeth in the jersey world. It would make the most delicious pyjamas. And no pilling, the bane of my life!!!


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