A twirly whirly swing dress

I knew this beautiful, drapey rayon was destined for my middle child the minute I saw it on a roll at Tessuti Fabrics. I even had the dress in mind. I’m just surprised that it has taken me over a year to make it! In all fairness though, I was waiting for the original dress of it’s kind to wear out, or to be passed on to number three child. I try to avoid excess in the wardrobes of my three girls, although sometimes this is very difficult!

A very long time ago, in my pre-blogging days, I muddled my way through designing a pattern for a very simple swing dress. It turned out to be such a winner that I kept the basic pattern. Past-Debbie didn’t make many notches or notes on the pattern, so the yoke placement could definitely be improved. But still, it is a very forgiveable pattern and a style of dress that all three of my daughters just love. 

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