A Rigel bomber jacket for January, slightly modified of course!

When I heard Ginger was planning Rigel bomber jacket January, I vaguely considered the idea, but pretty much dismissed it. I did have a quick look through my stash to see if I could inspire myself, but the idea of another bomber just didn’t excite me. This is possibly because I already have a particularly fabulous one that I wear year round.

But then I laid my eyes on a pile of gorgeous cashmere and fuschia double faced crepe wool scraps left over from my recent Dior jacket and wide leg fancy pants. Combined, I had the perfect amount for a bomber, but more importantly, a seed of inspiration had planted itself in my brain.  

I’ve made a Rigel bomber before, so I was confident with it’s construction and how it would fit me. It’s a great pattern. I love the shape, the fit, the cute welt pockets and the original neckline. I do believe it needs a lining though, but this is easy enough to do. I was lazy and just re-cut the pattern pieces in some leftover Caroline Herrera silk twill. If I was feeling more energetic, I would have drafted the lining to incorporate the existing self-fabric facing. The latter would have looked more professional, but both ways work.

This time round, I wanted to move slightly away from the traditional bomber shape. My changes to the original pattern weren’t huge, but they have had a major effect on both the look and the silhouette of the jacket.

So what did I do:

  • I raised the neckline and drafted an overlapping mandarin style collar. I used a leather buckle to fasten the collar, but most likely it will be left undone when I wear it.

  • I also widened the sleeves by A LOT, shortened them, and added sleeve cuffs. I slashed and pieced the original sleeves, using my blue wool coat as a guide because that was the kimono-like shape I was after.
  • I added a contrast panel to the back piece and matching cuffs for the sleeves.
  • I ditched the idea of using ribbing because a colour match with my amazingly vibrant wool or cashmere contrast would have been near impossible. Instead, I lengthened the hem pattern piece and used more contrast fabric. The contrast is cashmere so without the stretch, it has given my bomber a boxier look. I like this. 

I’m pretty happy with this make. I know I will get heaps of wear out of it, because I know how much I already wear my other Rigel bomber. This one will be warmer though, and the colours make it a little more special.

27 thoughts on “A Rigel bomber jacket for January, slightly modified of course!

  1. SewJillian

    I forgot about your first bomber and how much I love it! This latest version is all you. That boxy look your really starting to take hold of and that works so well on your frame. Gorgeous colours! Dare you to wear it as a two piece set-acular with your fancy pants 😉


  2. Anonymous

    I much prefer this version to the original. And the shape suits you so well.

    So when are you going to start selling your self-drafted patterns? 🙂



  3. Kathy from The Nerdy Seamstress

    This is so pretty! I was hesitant about this Pattern. I wanted to alter it drastically, but I wasn't sure. I love how yours turned out. You just motivated me to get the Pattern and alter it to my liking. I love the color combination! It's one of my faves!


  4. Debbie Iles

    Thanks Jillian…I've been dared. Just for you and Kirsty, I will do a two piece set-acular. I do however, need the temperatures to rise a little first. We arrived back from our holidays to minus 17deg celcius, a burst water pipe, no hot water and frozen pillows….eek!


  5. Debbie Iles

    Thanks Sharon! I've heard Texas has been cold – we stopped over in Dallas last night and then arrived back in Kansas to 0 deg F! It was positively balmy on the mountain where we were skiing compared to this.


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