Playing dress ups with my two-piece set-actular

I know you’ve seen my fancy pants before. I blogged about my Rigel bomber hack recently too. And if you follow me on Instagram, I shared these pictures yesterday, so please feel free to tune out now if you already have pink-overload. Some would say that this is the mother of all two-piece set-aculars. Or, according to my husband, I’m tracksuiting it up for you. Because I can.



My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary in a few weeks and I’m thinking this outfit might be perfect for that occasion. I keep warning him that one day, I am going to be that old lady with purple hair, red lipstick and rhinestones on her walking cane. My gift to you dear husband, is the perfect glimpse into your future….bwahaha!  



10 thoughts on “Playing dress ups with my two-piece set-actular

  1. Kirsty

    Oh please please please wear this out for your anniversary. It really is fantastic together. Gosh, I can just imagine you turning heads in that set acular in a room of black and grey.


  2. Debbie Iles

    Oh but the best part would be walking down the hallway and seeing my husband's jaw drop as he realised that this was what I was planning on wearing. Oh how I love to torture him!


  3. Debbie Iles

    You are too sweet Jillian! 😉 Scuba top is still hanging in my sewing room. More pressing matters have taken over my sewing table. But I'm thinking of refashioning it into a pair of culottes….for him…just kidding!


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