A different kind of maxi skirt

So this skirt is the final chapter of my denim on denim story. My denim shirt is blogged about here. The skirt itself, is a very simple, self-drafted number. I used my pencil skirt block (seen here as a neoprene and faux leather mini) and simply shaped the bottom hemline to be high at the front and low at the back. I then gathered a large rectangle of beautiful
Tessuti linen into a skirt. The effect is a drop waist in a skirt. I love the subtle hi-lo hem, and my love of a good drop waist needs no further explanation.


5 thoughts on “A different kind of maxi skirt


    When I first saw this on instagram i went moggie!!!! Now looking at it on the blog, I just think it is fantastic, this is something I would wear all summer and winter in the UK, thanks for sharing and you are such an inspiration to my sewing soul!


  2. Debbie Iles

    Oh yay for that! Having lived in the UK for a couple of years, I can totally see how this skirt would work. AND it is such an easy make. It was my brain-rest after the coat I made. You just need a great pencil skirt pattern that fits. You could even apply it a thick knit fabric like ponte with an elastic waistband!


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