Sunshine in a drop waist dress

Let me start by saying that this is just a wearable muslin. It is such a simple little sun frock that completely belies the amount of pattern cutting, slashing, taping and calico testing that went on behind the seams (ha, see what I did there!).

I’m still not happy with this dress though. It fits well and looks ok, but it doesn’t match the vision in my head and I’m not happy with the way some of the pieces fitted together when I was sewing it. I had to do a bit of freestyle pattern shaping when I was sewing and of course by that stage, I’d had enough and failed to adequately record the last changes.

The pattern pieces of the skirt need the most work. I like the hi-lo hem, but I need to shave a bit more off the front and I need to remove a bit more body at the sides. I also need to work on the shape of the bottom bodice/flounce seam.


I like the look of the back though.

And for a behind the scenes look at my photo shoot. Like always, the little one is my Director of Photos, advising me on how to place my hands. She’s dressed down today, in her big sister’s cast offs that have been getting a second lease of life in the dress up box. There would usually be a few more layers of dresses involved in her outfit. She likes to wear all her favourite clothes at the same time.

But back to my dress. I’m not going to call it a compete fail. It’s the kind of easy cotton sun dress that I can see myself wearing a lot over summer. And the colour definitely makes me smile. I’m just completely worn out by puzzling out this pattern. I’ve walked away. I’m yet to even pack away the crumpled, overly taped pieces of tracing paper, or the completed shorter skirt flounce that I decided not to layer over the longer flounce in the end.

I won’t be making this pattern again as it is. Maybe I might have the strength to improve it or modify it in the future though. And having these blog photos to refer back to will certainly make it easier to see the changes that I want to make.


8 thoughts on “Sunshine in a drop waist dress

  1. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    Well, you sure put a big smile on my face! Cheery yellow, oh so spring-like, and with a little touch of gold to boot! I'm sorry to hear that it's been an effort in frustration….ugh…I get those too…but, hopefully, after you've ignored it for a bit, you'll be able to match the vision that's dancing in your head. Personally, I think it's a cute, hot weather sun dress!


  2. Sharon Collins

    I love the color! Bringing sunshine into KS weather. Guess the next picture maybe something warmer to wear with your leather pants! Enjoy the winter that arrives tomorrow. LOL. I know the weather is crazy in KS. Stay warm. Have fun designing while the weather gets colder. By the way, love the director.


  3. SewJillian

    Sunshiny dresses! Yes! I can see what you mean with the fit. I really like the back, but the front hi-lo is a but lo I think and the ease around the bottom bodice feels a bit much as you mentioned. It's so swishy though so I hope you enjoy it and find the mojo to go back and sort it out for more sunshiny dresses


  4. Carolyn

    A little bit of sunshine indeed! you look gorgeous. It's such a lovely clear citrus-y shade and a chic summery silhouette. I'm sure you'll love wearing it once the warm weather rolls around where you are 🙂


  5. sallie oleta barbee

    Oh that is definitely a sunshine dress! I love the silhouette! I really love the way the skirt falls. Also, could I borrow your cute little director for my next photoshoot? I need someone to tell me how to pose!!!



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