Another Oliver + S Pinwheel Slip dress

This little slip dress is a gift for a different niece of mine. I made it up in a lovely remnant of Nani Iro. I love this Oliver + S pattern so much. It’s not only great for using up pretty little scraps, but it is also such a fool-proof pattern for when you want to sew for others. I love the fact that it looks great as a little dress, but if you miss the mark slightly with the sizing or fabric print, it could also double as a practical Summer nightie.


Like before, I made this dress up in a size 5. My exceptionally tall Miss Five is modelling it but her slightly older cousin is a lot more petite. I think the dress will fit the her cousin perfectly.


This kid seriously out-cools the rest of the family. I want those sunglasses!





4 thoughts on “Another Oliver + S Pinwheel Slip dress

  1. Debbie Iles

    Haha! It's scary how well trained my little model is. I've started asking my big girls if they are happy to be photographed because we've started talking about the internet etc. It seems, they always relish the opportunity. I was very lucky with the pattern. I had such small scraps left that I had to think really hard how to place the pieces. It was a bit of luck it turned out ok.



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