A whole lot of squiggles in a playsuit

Those of you who follow me on Instagram might be under the impression that I’m a little bit besotted by wide leg pants. You’ve probably seen the pink pair of fancy pants that I made a few months ago. Well the obsession is far from over. 


This time, I’ve managed to create something that incorporates two of my favourite things: playsuits and wide leg pants, oh and we could also count squiggles. Mr Squiggle is, after all, one of my all time favourite shows.


The fabric I used is a gloriously sturdy cotton with a tiny bit of stretch. I’m so in love with those squiggles. I think they are perfectly suited to a playsuit and if they hadn’t sold out in a fraction of a second, I’m pretty sure I’d be heading back for seconds.

The pattern is self-drafted and I’m very happy with the way it fits. The pants rock, but the bodice still needs a little work. I’m also pretty miffed with myself for not thinking of stay-stitching/applying fusible tape to the neckline and back of the pants. Sometimes I get a bit overexcited when I’m working on a new pattern and my brain stops working for a bit. Thankfully, those parts didn’t stretch out too badly during construction. They just aren’t perfect.

41 thoughts on “A whole lot of squiggles in a playsuit

  1. Debbie Iles

    Trust me, I thought about this a lot, but in the end I couldn't think of something better. There is an invisible zipper in the pants back, and the exposed, separating zipper in the back bodice. It could be that I have flexible shoulders, but I find it relatively easy to do up.


  2. Lisa

    Gosh this is SO fantastic and looks perfect on you. Sounds like it was a fantastic learning process too. I can't wait to see how this playsuit concept evolves as all your ideas so brilliantly do!


  3. Susan

    That fabric pairing with your self-drafted jumpsuit is EVERYTHING! Unfortunately that means I don't have a pattern to buy to make one for myself. {Insert grump face}. You look amazing.


  4. SewJillian

    So much love. Just, so much love. I am trying to figure out what I'd do if I was busting for the loo, but seriously I'd make it work to wear this. Release the pattern now. Now! x


  5. Kirsty

    Currently in my sewing world I am in a sewing drought – so thank God you are still cranking out amazing pieces. You couldn't buy something so great!


  6. Andrea

    Gorgeous, and so chic. I just have always had a problem with the idea of a zipper up the back of a “jumpsuit”. No public activities in this number.

    The fabric is beautiful.


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