Stripes ahoy

I’m still quite smitten with high waisted skirts and pants. The thing is, I’m not always loving the look of a tucked in shirt. And if you don’t tuck your shirt in, then what’s the point anyway?




My solution is this top. It’s oversized and yet slightly cropped. The hem falls low enough to keep my tummy concealed, but high enough to hint at a high waisted pant beneath.

This is just my first version of a new pattern, but I’m pretty happy with it so far. I’ve tweaked a few things, ready for my next attempt, but I certainly haven’t lessened the width of those lovely wide sleeves.


This top was made up in a very drapey, slightly weighty viscose. I’m looking forward to trying this pattern out again in silk next time.


13 thoughts on “Stripes ahoy

  1. Helen // Grosgrain Green

    This is gorgeous! I love a stripy top, and I love an interestingly shaped stripes top even more. Quick question – do you wear something underneath to stop bra flashing through the sleeves, or do you just not care? 🙂


    1. Debbie Iles Post author

      Thanks! No care here! 🙂 Actually, I haven’t found it to be flashy of my bra at all. Somebody would have to be standing of about boob height to me while my arms are straight out to get a good look. The fabric is so drapey and the sleeves long enough that flash isn’t a worry.


  2. Bella

    Awesome. I like high waisted pants too and I love that I can wear cropped tops without fear of stomach revealage. I made a cropped Hemlock tee from a weighty cotton jersey (also Breton stripe) and I love the way it looks. I’ve started to layer it over woven tshirts now that autumn is here. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this pattern!


  3. Kat @ House of Lane

    What an awesome idea! I love a high waisted pant and could do with some more tops to wear with them. I love this idea. It would be nice a soft black material for night time.


  4. Sara

    I don’t like to tuck in shirts either, that’s why I haven’t sewn a button-down shirt yet, though I’ve been planning to for months. I don’t know how I’ll wear it! I love your top. A great twist on the classic Breton, and the perfect length.


  5. Kelly

    Love this top! The oversized sleeves look great with this length. I’ve had boxy tops on the brain lately, cutting out some cropped Hemlock tees today.


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