Little shorts

It’s taken a full five years, but I’ve FINALLY had a request for shorts. Both Miss Five and Miss nearly-Seven have come to the joint conclusion that skirts and dresses are not conducive to the most effective cartwheel, handstand, and monkey bar practice. Hallelujah!


I was quite unprepared for this backflip in clothing preferences, so I thought I’d start with something simple. It didn’t take much effort to come up with this pair of shorts for Miss Five. They are a very simple style, with bottom panels for contrast and an encased elastic waistband. I used the ribbing as the contrast, not for it’s elasticity. Miss Five is all about comfort right now. I compared my design to a pair of her favourite tracky dacks to check on fit, and I think I managed to get it spot on.

IMG_3691 IMG_3686


Miss nearly-Seven is a different kettle of fish. Her shorts won’t get a look in if they don’t have pockets. I think she’s also starting to appreciate unique design features like bows and pleats. She’s also noticed that I’ve been working a lot more on designing my own patterns and she quite likes the idea of me making things for her that have never before been made by anyone “in the entire world” (for example, her Twirl to Me dress). I’m constantly amazed at what children notice and how they interpret things.


5 thoughts on “Little shorts

  1. Kat @ House of Lane

    Kids are so funny aren’t they! I too would love a dress that hadn’t been made by anyone else anywhere in the world. Alas I don’t have your stunning pattern making skills. I love the shorts! The fabric reminds me of something from my childhood that I can’t quite put my finger on.


    1. Debbie Iles Post author

      Thanks Kat. The fabric is lovely – it definitely has an old school feel – my parents still have kindy photos of my brother and I up on their wall at home, with us wearing handmade terry tracksuits (in brown and mustard of course – it was the 80s!). This reminds me of that. I should do the same! Unfortunately, it’s so warped off grain that getting those stripes somewhat horizontal was very painful….


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