FBA test top

It’s quite obvious that my bust is not so full that it requires any pattern adjustments, but in the interest of testing for the wider population, I thought I’d see what this top could do. It was a very easy adjustment to create more room in the front of this top. Because I don’t *fill* that space, I’m left with bigger gathers. I think I prefer my earlier version better in terms of fit (for me).



This version was made very simply in a medium weight, quilting cotton. The fabric is pretty, but not really my style. To toughen it up a little, I paired it with my very versatile neoprene and faux leather mini.



8 thoughts on “FBA test top

  1. Kylie

    Love it. And that skirts if you need a tester let me know. (I’m actually smaller in the bust then you do not a candidate for a FBA maybe a SBA though)


  2. Diana

    I wouldn’t mind testing this one as well :D, and I’m a big bust kind of girl! Love that you used quilting cotton, and the styling is spot on!


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