Two little Jalie 3136 leotards

These leotards are such a quick and easy make. I love the opportunity to use contrast fabric, and I’m very happy with the overall fit on my tall, slim girls. I’ve made a few pairs already (here and here) so I knew what to expect. For Miss Seven, I stuck with a size 6, the same as last time. They fit her very well through the torso. The leg elastic is borderline too tight, but I think she’ll be ok with it. That’s the only thing I’d say about this pattern, is check the fit of the leg elastic before sewing it on.





Miss Three LOVES gymnastics, more than anything else in this world right now. Three year olds really don’t need gymnastics leotards but I couldn’t resist making her one, just so I could watch her impossible cuteness in it. She wakes up everyday, puts on her leotard, and asks if its her ‘nastics day.

Her suit was made up in a size 3 and it’s a perfect fit all over. She is on the 50th centile from head to toe, the true “baby” of this family. Despite, LOVING this suit, and actually being a very happy child all day, she decided to practice her grumpy, angry person poses for the photos. I did my best, but there really isn’t any point negotiating with a three year old.




4 thoughts on “Two little Jalie 3136 leotards

  1. Jillian - SewUnravelled

    Oh good lord Miss 3 is absolutely adorable. Not that all your girls aren’t! They got hit by the cute stick, all of them. I love these leotards. Almost makes me wish my Miss 4 wanted to continue gymnastics, but she’s a dancer at heart.


    1. Debbie Iles Post author

      Yes, Miss three is totally edible ;-). Her leotard was entirely for my benefit. I’m going to suck up all that cuteness while it lasts because right now it’s draining fast! Enter naughty years… Miss 7 fluctuates about wanting to dance, but apart from the idea of wearing tap shoes, I’m not convinced she’ll want to stick to it. They all love the jumping, crazy activity of gymnastics, even though they are going to be too tall to make anything of it. I figure it’s good for the coordination of my long lanky miss 5 though – anything to help her stay on her feet on land – maybe I should just stick her in the pool ;-).


      1. Debbie Iles Post author

        I would too if I were your little one. Sport is definitely not about standing around. My girls did gym at five dock for a while (lot’s of kids and lots of lines…and lots of money :-/). I think that’s why they love the classes here – tiny classes and every kid is doing something at all times. They come out sweating (and I get an hour of peace in the stands)…of course I’m watching their every move…bwahaha NOT!


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