Miss Seven’s birthday dress and her all time favourite makes

With the exception of the odd t-shirt, and winter coat, I sew pretty much everything else my daughters wear these days. Thankfully, they are all still at the point where they are delighted with anything and everything that Mummy makes, but there are always clear favourites that get worn day after day, literally until they are fraying at the seams. I always find it interesting to see what emerges as the winner, and why.

The big winners over the past six months (based on frequency of wear) are (working clockwise from the top left): her Twirl to Me dress (I can’t help but feel a little chuffed with this choice),  her recent yellow cartwheel shorts (these surprised me!), the Oliver + S Hide and Seek dress (that retained it’s winning status even when I had to convert it into a skirt), a simple self-drafted cotton maxi skirt, an Oliver + S Ice Cream dress, her Rosie Assoulin knock off, a Go To mini Jaywalker maxi, and finally, that Oliver + S Hide and Seek dress as a skirt and Daddy’s old Ralph Lauren sweater refashioned. My personal favourite is the Rosie Assoulin bow dress. I can’t help but watch her all day when she wears that.


So what got me thinking about her favourite makes? This Ice Cream dress by Oliver + S. I made Miss Seven a new version for her recent birthday. Her earlier version really needs to be retired, and that’s saying something, because quilting cotton is hard-wearing. The dress is such a practical and comfortable design for kids. It covers the shoulders and yet doesn’t restrict play. It’s also a super easy sew and has become her go-to school uniform.


I used some beautiful charcoal linen and a little remnant of a floral linen/silk blend that I was lucky enough to find on the remnant table at Tessuti Fabrics many, many moons ago. I miss my weekly remnant shopping excursions. I had quite the stash of Tessuti remnants when I arrived in Kansas a year ago, but they are starting to dwindle now.



7 thoughts on “Miss Seven’s birthday dress and her all time favourite makes

  1. Dot

    She is so cute in all of them. I agree, I love the yellow dress. I’m a product of my mom’s fashions and I enjoy the process even more now. You’ve got many years of fun to go.


    1. Debbie Iles Post author

      Thank you Dot! I’ll miss sewing them little clothes when they get big, but I smile to myself when they talk about the style of wedding dress I will sew them one day – why rainbow, sparkles, strapless bodice, with a cathedral length train of course – I’ve always wanted to sew a wedding dress 😉


  2. Jillian - SewUnravelled

    It’s so great that you have the time to sew so prolifically and subsequently be so unselfish. Or maybe you are just generally unselfish 😉 I should really sew for my little one more frequently but if I am to stay clothed myself my selfishness eats up all my time. Ugh. So unattractive. I’ve even got hubby begging for something for him. I think I have this pattern and never made it because, whilst beautifully drafted and detailed I find Oliver & S fabric eaters (all that bias edging!) and time consuming. I must drag this one out as I think I have it! And happy birthday Miss 7. My Miss 4 turns Miss 5 next week 🙂


    1. Debbie Iles Post author

      This one is a very easy, quick sew! No bias edging 😉 Not even much tracing – front and back dress is all the same. You’d whip it up in an hour. My kind of “selfish” sewing. Happy birthday to Miss nearly-Five!


  3. Linda Galante

    Wow, that girl has one incredible wardrobe! I love what you’ve done with remnants. I lurk the remnant rack at my local fabric store too and always feel so virtuous when I use them on a project. You scored with that print. It’s perfect with that charcoal linen. Also love the hide and seek dress. She has great taste!


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