Little gathered top: Part 2

This little dress/tunic is the perfect example of why I shouldn’t sew when I’m tired. But thankfully I have a very easy to please middle child. For the sake of simplicity, I’m going to call it a dress, even though it wasn’t intended as such, and it is quite clearly too short to be one.




I sewed it up in a size 6, which is a smidgen too big for Miss Five, but close enough for me not to bother with grading it. My plan was to recycle the circle overskirt that was originally intended for this dress.

This started out as a good plan, but to cut a long story short, I quite simply stitched the skirt on back to front, and then serged the seam before checking. The end result was an ultra short, but ultra swishy dress. Miss Five LOVES it. Thankfully, she also has some little shorts to wear underneath it.


Part 3 of this adventure will no doubt be along sometime in the future because I’m still very much in love with Miss Seven’s little linen version.

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