Squiggles on my gaucho pants

This is the BEST fabric ever! It’s a stretch cotton in a nice medium weight, which makes it perfect for shorts, pants (and playsuits of course). Quite simply, those squiggles make me smile. I wish I had enough left for a long A-line skirt now.




This time, I made some cropped pants of the wide leg variety. They hit high on the waist so I think I can safely call them gaucho pants.


The white top is an oldie but a goodie. I wore it A LOT last Summer and I predict it will be getting more of the same love this year.

12 thoughts on “Squiggles on my gaucho pants

  1. Francesca Amodeo

    You are always ahead of the crowd. Should be doing trend forecasting!

    I wrote to Tessuti the other day asking if they thought it would be difficult to make them into pants – I love the style and have not managed to find my perfect 30s-ish pants pattern. They recommended I visit your site… what’s crazy is I have been following you for ages, bought patterns, and I didn’t think about these and your other fabulous Esther makes! Summer makes me totally brain dead……


    1. Debbie Iles Post author

      Ah thanks again Francesca! You should definitely make some pants with the Esthers. They’re my go-to shorts pattern. I love the high waist and the crotch and hip curve just suits my body shape perfectly. It’s one of those patterns I’ve never needed to make a lot of adjustments to. They convert really well to long pants or long shorts. 🙂



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