Jaywalk refashioned

This time last year, I made myself a dress and a maxi skirt in some striped jersey fabric. The dress is no longer with me. I literally wore that dress to death. I still like the skirt in theory, but the length of it was a bit off-putting for everyday wear. It was a simple issue to fix.

This refashion was quick and easy. I chopped the top off the skirt, tapered the side seams in a bit to fit my hips better, and re-attached some elastic to the waist. The top I’m wearing is my Camilla camisole. It’s a simple, bias cut cami that fits beautifully.




I didn’t waste an inch of fabric in this refashion. The length I chopped off was just long enough to make a simple skirt for Miss Seven. I bought the side seams in by about 1.5 inches and shortened the elastic in the waist. She’s pretty chuffed because it fits the definition of a ‘fitted mini-skirt’ for her, which is something (along with heeled shoes) that I refuse to let a seven year old wear.





8 thoughts on “Jaywalk refashioned

  1. Sarah

    Love this outfit on you Debbie – I’m such a sucker for red and stripes! I just love how good you are at using up your scraps for the small people! You’re the most stylish refashioner out there I reckon!


  2. Melanie

    Excellent rescue – and with no material loss! And I love that you and Miss Seven have matching stripes. Your pairing with the floaty red cami is perfect.


    1. Debbie Iles Post author

      Thanks Melanie! I hate waste! I don’t know what I’m going to do with all my scraps when my girls get too big.


  3. Francesca

    Oh lovely. I looked at the original skirt (and the dress – both totally wow) and although really glam I can see that this would be easier to fit into life….. I love refashioning – I sometimes get more of a buzz out of it than actually making something from scratch!


    1. Debbie Iles Post author

      Francesca, a girl after my own heart. It is so satisfying to re-make something that wasn’t getting any wear.


  4. Linda Galante

    I love your refashioned skirt! So cute on you! I’ve just completed a review of my own closet and found a few too many sewing projects that weren’t being worn. You’ve inspired me to retool those outfits. I can’t bear to throw great fabric away…..


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