Daisy Chain Top for Miss Three

I made this  Daisy Chain top specifically to go with Miss Three’s fairy shorts. I salvaged my last little bits of fairy fabric and paired it with a little bit of white linen.



I bound the hem with self made binding in a floral that co-ordinates with the fairy fabric. Unfortunately, it doesn’t match perfectly. I didn’t have any suitable white binding on hand or enough fairy fabric, or any confidence that I would like the look of a top with fairies on it anyway. For the back placket, I made use of what buttons I already had on hand (quite boring but in the perfect subtle shade of pearl blush).


I’m not usually a fan of novelty fabric (heaven knows why I purchased the fairy cotton in the first place). My plan was to simply get those fairy faces out of my stash. It has, however, turned out to be one of the sweetest things that I’ve made for this child. I catch myself admiring her each and every time she twirls by.




8 thoughts on “Daisy Chain Top for Miss Three

  1. Summerflies

    I’m not a fan of novelty fabrics (and neither is my son so I can’t use it there) but I think this works so well because it is only a taste of novelty. It’s not overdone, but having said that, if you are three, you probably love more and more novelty! I see why it makes you happy …seeing her twirl, who notices the novelty!


  2. Lindsy

    Nel just loves her top. She is always turning around and making circles! She even turned so many times she banged her head against the kitchen cabinet! 🙂


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