Swimsuit making // my kind of bikini

This bikini is just a modified version of the one-piece swimsuit pattern that I’ve been working on recently. You may have already seen several versions of the pants (here, here, here, and here). There have been many more. If you are Australian, you are familiar with Bonds underwear. I can’t get my fix over here so I had to make my own. The design of the pants is based on a much loved style that I’ve been wearing for years. I began making underwear for myself in a similar (but hipster) style last year and I’ve been tweaking them a little with each make. I don’t have it in me to share my knickers on the internet, but somehow I can prance around in a bikini…go figure.




The bikini top took me a few goes to get right. That’s what happens when you look for a complicated solution to a simple problem. Thankfully it worked out in the end. This is my perfect style of bikini. The top isn’t too skimpy. It’s fully lined, and yet it still has that carefree element that I love in a bikini top.

High waist swimsuit bottoms might be on trend right now, but I also love the extra coverage. I feel happiest with the waistband finishing a little above my belly-button. Since having babies, I feel a bit nude with too much of my belly exposed. If I had more courage, I’d wear skimpy bottoms and show the world my baby-made tiger stripes. I should. And maybe I will when I’m sick of the high waist trend. The world should know that bodies are never the same after babies, and it’s ok, and that they are still very beautiful.



I’m not going to keep this bikini. I already have more swimsuits than I can possibly wear. This one is getting packaged up with a few other things for my sister-in-law when my parents head home after their much anticipated visit. My brother is involved with the surf life-saving community in Queensland and his family has a much more beach-going, pool-loving lifestyle than what I lead. I had him do some detective size-sleuthing and I think they should fit well, and be put to good use.


If you are interested in testing this pattern for me (in either the one-piece or bikini version), please head over to follow my Facebook page. I still have a little bit of work to do here, but will hopefully post the sign up form for testers this week.

14 thoughts on “Swimsuit making // my kind of bikini

  1. Great bikini! I love the top part in particular, very cool with the double ties. If I get round to making a face book account (You’re right it’s quite unusual I don’t have one.) I’d love to apply for the testing.

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    1. Thank you lovely lady! Haha, I’m pretty much finished my “collection” now. Now to get back to lots of selfish sewing ;-). x

  3. That’s absolutely beautiful Debbie! and it helps that you have the most knockout figure ever! I hope you’re making one for yourself too, the style and the print too really suit you just beautifully 🙂

  4. Great job. You’re so talented. You’ll need all the swimsuits. Summer isn’t over yet where you live. It gets really hot there especially in August. Very similar to Texas.

    1. Thanks so much Sharon! There are some really wonderful pool complexes here – you could be right. We didn’t get to explore many of them last summer (just stuck to the one safe indoor option) but this year my eldest is confident enough swimming to enjoy all the fun stuff, so I have indeed been getting good use out of my bathers ;-).

  5. I can’t wait until this pattern is available! I am going to Mexico for my 40th and plan to make a whole wardrobe of swimsuits for the trip. Hoping this pattern will be out before November. It is perfect!

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