Back to School // Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress

This dress was a last minute back to school wardrobe top up for Miss Seven. It’s one of her favourite styles of dress during Summer, and the simplicity of the design also makes it a perfect little school frock.  It is the third one I’ve made for her.

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For this version, I made a size 7, but lengthened the dress by omitting the double hem construction. This resulted in a lengthened bottom band which I machine blind hemmed in place. I think I may have forgotten to switch the iron on when I pressed the bottom band! I do that sometimes and wonder why the iron isn’t working. The crease you see is where I’ve blind stitched the hem. I also omitted the front pockets.


I used beautiful Italian cotton shirting scraps for the top and bottom panels of the dress. Both fabrics were leftover from sewing her father’s business shirts. The mid section of the dress is from a vintage pillowcase I picked up at an estate sale recently. I love the combination of prints and colours, and I especially love that I was able to use up some very lovely shirting scraps to make it. Now, if only I could get her into a pair of shoes other than those horrid Crocs.


8 thoughts on “Back to School // Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress

    1. Debbie Iles Post author

      Thank you! I wasn’t actually sure those fabrics would work in the way they did until the dress was finished. It was a nice surprise!


    1. Debbie Iles Post author

      Thanks Jillian. I actually find the business shirt scraps the trickiest to use up. Sometimes I use them up in pocket lining. You can’t usually miss that they are a designed for a men’s shirt – which I can’t often get past. I took a LONG time laying all those fabrics side by side….but I’m very happy with how they worked together in the end. And yes, that little face – I’m so in love with those freckles, even though we do our best to protect them ;-).


    1. Debbie Iles Post author

      Thanks Sam. Oh I wish. There doesn’t seem to be any school rule on footwear, apart from when they do gym. However, my kids are used to my rules. It’s a mummy rule – no crocs to school, hats on outside, and swimming caps for swimming lessons. Sometimes I hear, “but mummy, no one else wears that”. I just tell them to say you have a funny Australian mummy and those are her rules ;-).



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