A very simple top in THE fabric of the month

I’ve had this gorgeous fabric languishing in my stash for nearly two years. I don’t use a lot of floral and I rarely have the occasion to justify sewing with silk charmeuse. Even so, this one stopped me in my tracks and I had to have at least a little bit of it. I went home with a little over 1m. In retrospect, I wish I’d purchased more. It would have been the perfect silk to use for my bias cut dress.




I was just waiting for the right idea to come along. I should thank from Melanie from Poppykettle and Rachel from Boo Dog and Me for inspiring me with their beautiful Frocktail tops. In particular, I liked the idea of pairing such a delicate floral print with leather.


The design is a loosely fitted shell top with straight side seams and bust darts for a little shape. I hand-stitched the binding and hem down. I felt like this fabric deserved it.


I also tried to achieve a length that would suit wearing it out loose or tucked in. I’m very happy with how it worked out, but next time I will raise the armscye by smidgen (about 1/4 inch).


I love the way this fabric pairs with leather. These shorts were a bit of a rush make compared to the other leather pants I’ve made (here and here), and the leather is more faux than real, but I’ve always recognised them for being the trend-piece that they are. I’m not going to love this style forever, but I have been getting a lot of wear out of them this season. No, I don’t wear them on the school pick up, but when paired with a nice top, I find them to be the perfect blend of smart and casual for outdoor parties and BBQ’s.


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(No affiliate links. It’s just fun to compare to RTW. See how much we save by sewing!)

floral top

                      Zara                                              St. John                                              Vince


11 thoughts on “A very simple top in THE fabric of the month

  1. poppykettle

    Yep, I wish I’d bought more of it too… and the only reason I haven’t driven over to The Cloth Shop to get some of the colourway that Rachel got for her top is that it’s just too far away! It’s SUCH a gorgeous silk – your elegant top plays to it beautifully 🙂


  2. Linda Galante

    Great top! Absolutely gorgeous fabric. I’ll bet it’s a dream to wear. I love the RTW links you included at the end of the post. It proves the point I keep making to my husband as he watches my stash grow – we save money by sewing!!


  3. Melanie

    I like how you’ve paired this delicate watercoloury fabric with the faux leather. I especially like how you show those links and how much you save by sewing. Haha!


    1. Debbie Iles Post author

      Thanks Melanie, for this and your other comments. I do like the black pants – so comfy, which always ends up being a big factor in me actually wearing what I make. RE: the bag sewing – it was nice to be able to use sewing to do something nice for someone I love. In times of loss, it’s easy to feel a bit impotent – I always want to do something as I feel like I don’t have the right words, or the words don’t have much power (and mostly to make me feel better I think).
      And about saving money by sewing – hahaha! I have to feed my illusion as much as possible ;-). Actually, it’s taken several years of probably spending more money on sewing than I would on buying clothes, but it is good to be at a point where I can refashion and re-make as well as use scraps to make things that mostly always work out now. You are a grand-refashioner, so I know you know how good that feels! 😉


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