NEW // Splash Swimsuit 07 // PDF Sewing Pattern

Firstly, thank you for all the lovely comments on my last blog post and apologies for not responding in person. It’s been a crazy, but wonderful month here with my parents visiting from Australia. I’ve spent a lot of time sightseeing Kansas and very little time on the computer (or sewing) for that matter.

However, I would like to present you with a little something that I prepared earlier. Introducing the much anticipated Splash Swimsuit! It comes in two options; as a one-piece and a high waisted bikini. You’ve already seen a few of my versions on this blog. I’ve posted others on Instagram.

Both views are fully lined. Top and bottom sizes can be mixed and matched. The design is comfortable, practical, and I’ve had lots of good reports back as to how they stand up to the surf test. Check out some of my gorgeous tester versions here.

PicMonkey Collage11

For more details, be sure to check out the pattern here.

And if you want a little RTW inspiration, I stumbled upon this Free People design  last week. It will only set you back a mere $234.


18 thoughts on “NEW // Splash Swimsuit 07 // PDF Sewing Pattern

  1. I’m glad you went sight seeing in KS. There are many cool places to visit. I knew your parents were coming. We’re supposed to give them our attention especially when you haven’t seen them in months! I did even when my parents lived only 4 hours away. Glad you enjoyed the visit. I love your suit. You don’t need to respond. I prefer you sew!!

    1. Thanks so much Sharon! It was good to tick a few more KC sights off our list, and especially to see the kids having lots of fun (aka getting incredibly spoilt) with their grandparents.

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  3. Love the swimsuit pattern — congratulations!

    I only found your blog and pattern company a few weeks ago, and I from what I read I suspected that you lived in the KC area. I am here in the KC suburbs as well — always glad to find someone local to follow!

  4. This pattern is so cute!

    What is the support like in the top, especially on the one piece? Is there a shelf bra underneath? I’m very interested in trying this pattern, but concerned that my chest will sag after swimming in the one piece of there is no additional support.

    Does one of the views include that cute triangle piecing on the bottom from your turquoise sample?

    Thanks, and congrats again on the cute pattern!

    1. The support is similar to a well fitted pair of Speedos. There isn’t a shelf bra in the one-piece. It would be possible to put one it but I haven’t included this in the pattern. The top is fully lined, but the lining isn’t gathered like the outer fabric, and so this helps create a closer fit.

      Make sure you have a look at some of my testers versions – for how it fits different body and bust sizes. You can look up #splashswimsuit on IG too – I’ll re-share more photos as my Southern hemisphere testers get their warm weather photos done.

      Regarding the triangle insert in the bottoms. This isn’t included in the pattern, but I am planning a tutorial for it. It is an incredibly simple modification = just adding a seam in the back pants – the side seam remains in the same place.

      I hope this helps. Let me know if you want any more information.

      Kind regards,

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