Gratuitous Halloween cuteness

OK, I really couldn’t wait to share this. And to be perfectly honest, this costume is not worth it’s own blog post, but oh… the cuteness.

There was only one thing Miss Three wanted to be for Halloween: A pumpkin.


So: I cut a very large rectangle in some very cheap orange felt fabric, roughly appliqued on a face, gathered both ends with elastic, and finally, freestyled a collar that I handstitched to the pumpkin body like a bodice. That’s all.


8 thoughts on “Gratuitous Halloween cuteness

    1. Debbie Iles Post author

      Haha… this is only our second “real” Halloween, but I can definitely see the demands increasing. The girls were Ebay witches last year. This year, there was a little sewing involved (very little thankfully) although, the husband is in on the act too now and it seems I will have to turn him into a mummy…


    1. Debbie Iles Post author

      Halloween is such an eventful week here. We literally have 5 different Halloween parties to attend in the space of a week. Being used to doing pretty much nothing at all in Australia (certainly growing up with no halloweening on the gold coast) and then only a little bit of token trick or treating with a toddler in Sydney, I wasn’t quite prepared for the hype the first year. But this year (whilst I’m still lazy with the costumes) I’m actually looking forward to the fun. The best part is a day of the dead puppet show and craft night I’ll take the kids to next Wednesday.



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