Vintage beaded sequin dress

I definitely prefer to make most of my clothes, particularly garments for special occasions. However, I also love to treasure hunt at estate sales. I always take a peek at the clothes, but it takes something a little bit special to tempt me. I can sometimes be lured by extra large sizes in unique fabrics/textiles (useful for cutting up), and pieces that have refashioning potential. I can also be tempted by sparkles.



This vintage, beaded, sequined dress is one of my best finds to date. The lining is silk, and the beads are layered over sequined fabric. It’s not a brand that I recognise but I can see that a lot of care and detail has gone into it’s construction. It’s not a perfect fit on me either, but it’s probably as close as I would ever get in RTW, and well disguised by the busy embellishment anyway.


I post pictures of my best finds on Instagram (like this, this, this, this, this, and this), but this dress deserved it’s very own feature. It was truly a special find.


Dress: vintage // Choker: made by me (velvet ribbon) // Shoes: Derek Lam



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