Winter mini skirt in thrifted home deco fabric

I found a small remnant of home decorating fabric at an estate sale recently. I fell in love with the texture and the pattern of the fabric, even though I knew it was probably heavily blended with polyester. The embroidery on the fabric imparts a lot of structure and shape to this little A-line mini. And that was my plan all along. I did not want a floppy mini.



The skirt buttons up at the front. It’s a very simple design, modified from a TNT pencil skirt pattern. Seriously, there’s not much you can’t do once you have a well fitting skirt sloper. If there was anything even remotely complicated about the design I would have braved the snow for better photos. But it’s just a plain pencil shape with a touch of added flare at the bottom.

I usually fit my skirts perfectly at the waist, but add a smidgen of extra ease through the hips, just enough to give the illusion that my hips are slightly wider but not so much that the skirt looks loose (some fabrics allow for this better than others). My shape is more like a triangle than an hourglass, with broad shoulders and narrow hips. Aesthetically, I quite like the look of an hourglass and I find that playing around with the ease through the hips helps achieve the balance I’m after.

This skirt has two darts in the back, but none in the front. At the CF, I extended the pattern piece by about 2inches to fold back as a self-faced placket. The buttons are quite difficult to see in the photos, proof that you should always take your fabric with you when choosing buttons. I think black buttons may have worked better. Perhaps better lighting would make them look better too, but Winter is about survival here, and that includes dreary indoor shots for a few more weeks.

I did my best to match the horizontal flowers as much as possible at the side seams and keep the pattern cohesive with the waistband. I only had a small piece of fabric though, and I ran a little short in the waistband. That’s why you see the black Japanese corduroy piece in the back. It’s a design feature of course!


I’m very happy with this fun little skirt. I’ll probably always wear it with tights (due to the ultra short length), but it makes a nice change from jeans and oversize knits, especially as we head into Spring.



Top: Pendleton wool (refashioned) / Skirt: made by me / Shoes: Derek Lam



12 thoughts on “Winter mini skirt in thrifted home deco fabric

    1. Debbie Iles Post author

      Nani Iro does indeed come in corduroy – or it did about a year ago. It’s a lightweight corduroy, mottled black/grey on one side and stripes on the other. I made a pair of cropped wide leg pants (culottes) with the main portion of it.


      1. Debbie Iles Post author

        Thanks Jess. I stand corrected. It’s been a while since I purchased that fabric – it was actually Japanese corduroy from Miss Matatabi. It sold out quickly if I remember rightly. Those green pants were not the ones I was referring to. Try instead – Japanese Corduroy Culottes and you’ll find the right pair.


      2. Jess

        I know that fabric from Miss Matatabi … It’s double sided, one side is striped I think … Yes indeed it was sold out quickly, I was going to buy it too, waited too long and it was gone … Lovely fabric …


  1. Fauxgetaboutit

    Fun skirt! I love rescuing fabric from dead sales aka estate sales ( the people are usually dead…morbid sense of humor, I know). I can see this with fur topped Sorels or other beefy boots and a chunky sweater for a more casual winter look or ski lodge theme. Personally, I miss the snow.



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