Linen romper

So this wasn’t a complete fail, but I really don’t love it. I tried so hard to make it work, but still, all I’m feeling is meh…


It’s not a complete loss though. The linen was salvaged from old makes and small remnants that I had lying around. It was incredibly satisfying to clear my scrap pile of all the lovely linens (which are too beautiful to throw away, but too small to make anything worthwhile with). If you look closely, the front and back of the shorts are actually two different blues… this make was scrapbusting at it’s finest!



The colour-blocking was determined by the scraps I had on hand. The shorts are based on the Carolyn Pyjama pattern. I lengthened the crotch rise (front and back) by 1.5 inches in order to raise the waistline and make them suitable for a romper design.

The top half was designed by me. It’s very basic. I chickened out of the front-tie design I originally had planned. I liked the look better but the deep, deep neckline would have rendered it for beach-wear only. As it is, I may not love this make, but it will still be a practical wardrobe addition for Summer.




8 thoughts on “Linen romper

  1. eimear

    I love it. – and if I was to suggest a change it would be to the top/neckline. the shorts with the colour blocking look so much fun and so sharp, would you risk a strapless version or a type of dungaree top (with a not too revealing back) and do dark colour block there. v inspired by the make


    1. Debbie Iles Post author

      Thank you! And your suggestions are great. I think a dungaree top would have been fab. I actually had a completely different top planned for this but ditched the idea at the last minute and laziness (in design, not sewing 😉 ) and a fabric shortage meant my refashioning options were pretty limited. Although, why did I not think of strapless or dungarees!!!



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