Vintage lace cold shoulder ensemble

You’ve seen me sew up a few cold-shoulder garments this season. I love them! I particularly love this style because it is cool, loose-fitting, and not at all restrictive. It’s become my go-to style this Spring.





The fabric came from a vintage, linen tablecloth. Beautiful linen tablecloths are at every estate sale here in Kansas City. I’d like to say, “a dime a dozen”, but they are never ever a dime. They are usually priced anywhere from $10 to $150. I loved this one as soon as I saw it, but I wasn’t prepared to buy it at full price. So I crossed my fingers and went back to the sale on the last day and bought it for $40 (50% off). It’s a huge tablecloth (2m by 4m) and the linen is of a beautiful quality, without any stains or tears. It is densely woven, with a fine texture, and quite opaque, but still lightweight enough for garments. In  my opinion, it was a steal.


I didn’t stop at the top though. I also made myself a pair of matching shorts, inspired by the one and only Sophie (Ada Spragg). I still have a lot of leftover fabric. This is the tablecloth that never stops. And the best bit about it is the very ample lace edging. I love the look of the lace, but I also love the fact that incorporating it in as the hem of a garment makes for a very quick sew (no hemming!!!).





9 thoughts on “Vintage lace cold shoulder ensemble

  1. Sam

    Stunning! I’m all about white lacy/floaty tops right now. We had a couple of days of gorgeous weather when I desperately wanted one to wear and now it’s raining again!


  2. Sophie

    This is so cool!! And made so much cooler by the fact that it’s from a vintage tablecloth. Really sweet outfit…oooh and thanks for the shoutout xxx


    1. Debbie Iles Post author

      Thank you! Well, you’ve probably got a big four months until it will be the season to wear one on the GC. Maybe I might catch you wearing one at the end of the year 😉 – plans are afoot to be on the gold coast for Christmas.


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