A Summer dress

Apparently you guys like pretty dresses, well those of you who follow me on IG do. My top posts of 2016 are pretty much all the dresses. I hadn’t even blogged about this one and it still made the cut.

I made this one using a large remnant of vintage linen, thrifted from an estate sale. The textured windowpane fabric was from a small length purchased on whim from Tessuti Fabrics some time ago. I think the blue pairs perfectly with it.

The pattern is modification on a self-drafted princess bodice that fits me perfectly. You’ve seen me use different versions of this bodice all Summer (here, here, here, and here). The skirt is just gathered (with pockets of course!). I was after a cool, easy-to-wear, Summer dress.

I was worried about the straps being too stiff, but I’m glad for their sturdiness now. And they don’t feel too stiff when I wear the dress. They actually feel comfortable and secure. I hate flimsy straps that feel like they may stretch out or tear. Instead of creating tubes and pressing flat (as I’d normally do for a strap of this width), I used wider lengths of linen, folded the raw edges in and then in on themselves again, and then topstitched both edges. It means that there are four layers of linen in each strap, perfectly suited to holding up the weight of a midi-length, gathered skirt.

I’m a big fan of the midi length dress. It’s an easy length for tall ladies to wear. I know I’m going to get a lot of wear out of this, maybe even sooner rather than later!

8 thoughts on “A Summer dress

  1. Charlotte

    Those shoes! I need those shoes….what is the brand, please? Love the dress too but can’t take my eyes off the shoes!!!!!


  2. Bella

    Aaah I LOVE it. As you say, the fit is perfect and there’s something about the fabric combination and the placement of the grid fabric that just sings, I want one too!


  3. Jillian - SewUnravelled

    I’m totally obsessed with the midi dress! I really thought the midi hem length would look hideous on me as I am not gifted in the long legged department. I feared it would chop me off unflatteringly. But what do you know?? I made a denim midi in a similar style and love it. I subsequently made another out of IKEA fabric (snap!) without the gathered skirt (more aline, semi flared) and I never want to take it off. I feel sophisticated and like I don’t have to check if my knickers are flashing everytime I crouch down to my 6yr old’s level. Happy days! You look gorgeous and I’m not surprised your dresses have garnered so many likes xx



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