Halston knock-off trousers

I was lucky enough to do a bit of modelling a few months ago and I got to wear a pair of amazing Halston pants. They weren’t even in my correct size (there was a bit of back-clipping involved), but I still fell instantly in love with them. The light, drapey fabric screamed Spring, and I just loved the large overlapping pleat at the front. Needless to say, I examined them very closely and took a lot of photos.

There are a few sewing patterns out there that are reasonably close in style, but nothing that is actually the same. The Ebony pants by Style Arc have a similar feel, but are pull-on, elastic waist pants with a mid-rise. The Halston pants are high waisted, with a regular waistband and back darts, symmetrical pleats next to the front pockets, and a centre front invisible zipper hidden beneath a large front pleat. What may seem like small design differences can make the world of difference to how a final product feels and looks. I felt it would be simpler for me to start with a well fitted pair of trousers and adjust the design from there. It’s not hard to cut and slash a few pleats. That’s all the overlapping pleat is in the front. It’s just a pleat that begins at the CF, at the same position as the zipper.

My pants are far from perfect. This was a wearable muslin (so I’m not too worried about the waistband puckers). I used the most hideous, poly suiting from Joann. I almost wish I’d spent a bit more now since they worked out better than expected. I could stand to add a half inch to the crotch length to bring the pants a little higher to my true waist. I also need to straighten my side seams by adding to the back and taking from the front and vice versa. See how my outer leg seam curves around to the back.

I love the look of pink silk with grey. But in real life, I’m most comfortable pairing these pants with a white shirt and wool boob tube. It’s just a little hard to show off the neat front pleat of the pants in this way though!

6 thoughts on “Halston knock-off trousers

  1. LInda Galante

    I’m in love with those pants and from here, the fabric looks perfect :). I think they look best with the pink but can see how you’d wear them on a daily basis with your statement sleeve shirt. Anything that drapes or pleats in an interesting way gets my vote! Terrific make!


  2. Charlotte

    Nice job! I noticed one of the on line fabric stores carries a lot of Hakston fabrics…Fabric Mart? H by Halston is sold on QVC and the prices aren’t bad….start at a size xxs/0-2 or you can find overstocks/returns on eBay at Phoenix Trading Co. The prices are great! Usually cheaper than sewing and the clothes are well made. Plus they give the exact inseam on every pant. The creative director is Cameron Silver who owns that fabulous vintage store Decades.


    1. Debbie Iles Post author

      Interesting! Thank you Charlotte! I just had a quick look at H for Halston and I’ll check out Fabric Mart later, and Decades!


  3. Maria

    I absolutely love these! They can be in your wardrobe forever. Definitely would not say they are far from perfect, just a few little tweaks! Annoying when you just want them to be finished tho eh lol. Such a great make.



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