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A forgotten MOOCHi dress

I was writing a post on my recent scrappy makes when I realised that I had forgotten write a post on the last MOOCHi dress I made. It’s a free pattern. It’s also a very much loved dress in Miss Four’s wardrobe that will unfortunately have to be retired soon. The voile I thought was cotton turned out to be a poly blend and it has pilled horribly. The dress has had a LOT of wear though.

The back skirt has a centre back seam that is not in the actual pattern. I was a little short on fabric.

This is the elastic back version with an extra little skirt overlay.

Apparently the overlay makes it particularly good for twirling. You will recognise this exact dress in some of the photo instructions of the free pattern.




And while I’m on the topic of the MOOCHi dress, you should head over to Another Sewing Blog to check out the super cute versions there.

Did somebody say Scraptember?

I’ve said it before, my girls aren’t fussy. That’s probably a little bit of a lie. They refuse to wear jeans or long pants, but I think we’ve finally progressed beyond the ‘everything needs to be pink and sparkly’ phase. Queue me jumping for joy!

Like most other seamstresses out there, I’m forever collecting fabric scraps. I don’t actually ever put any fabric in the bin. Useable pieces go in my scrap basket and the rest gets lumped in a pile on the armchair where it quickly discovered by small hands and turned into all kinds of pretend food, dresses for toys, train tracks, bows, blankets, and decorations. There is a downside to this imaginary play though…my sewing mess is distributed throughout the entire house!

I often dig into my scraps to find a little bit of cotton to line bodices and skirts for my little peeps. My girls are still quite small so scraps go a long way. I usually try to colour coordinate and match the scraps when I sew, but sometimes I just go on a bit of a scrap-busting binge and wind up with all kinds of eclectic makes. Quite often, it’s the most miss-matched pieces that get the most love from my girls.

Here’s a little round up of my recent scrappy makes.
1. First up is a pair of Go To tights for Miss Six. The little skirt overlay is the perfect compromise. I modified the hem length and shape on my version. She thinks she is wearing a skirt. I think she is wearing practical pants. You’ve seen my Ikat jersey before, here, here, and here.

 2. Miss Two wanted what Miss Six had, so I made her a smaller version to the same specifications. Hers is the ultimate scrapbust. It’s hard to see in the photos, but I’ve used wool jersey for the front of the tights (here), white solid knit for the back (here), and of course, that infamous Ikat for the skirt.


 3. My girls virtually fell over in awe when I walked out in my last Two-Piece Set-Acular. It was the maxi skirt they couldn’t keep their eyes off. So I put my nice mother hat on and made them all a maxi skirt. I took more care making the matching version for Miss Six. It isn’t dangerously long so she can wear hers to school.

But it is still most fabulous for swishing and twirling.

4. Miss Four’s skirt was made using the most beautiful pink textured poly remnant from Tessuti Fabrics. Miss Six chose it for her birthday more than 18 months ago but I couldn’t quite bear to cut it up. She didn’t care though. Miss Six isn’t really into pink. Miss Four is though. She’s paired it with her big sister’s Badminton top

Miss Two’s skirt is pure scrap and an ugly little thing, but she doesn’t care. It trails on the floor and swishes which is all she cares about. I purchased the cotton voile on sale a while ago. I’ve since discovered that it’s probably a poly blend, having seen how much and how quickly it has pilled in the other little clothes I’ve made using it (here and here). I didn’t want to waste it, but I wanted to be rid of it. The ruffles are left over from my kimono. I must have pieced together a dozen little lengths to make that ruffle.

Here’s a bit of insight into what goes on behind the camera. The photo shoot basically consisted of Miss Four doing her poses while Miss Two inched closer and closer, before finally pouncing. The smiling assassin.

Japanese pattern book shorts and another MOOCHi

So, as I was rummaging through my stash looking for red, white, and blue, I happened across a couple of tiny remnants I picked up from Tessuti last year. One was a lovely red cotton sateen and the other, a skerrick of Japanese cotton. Both pieces were too small for anything other than toddler-wear. I always try to label my stash fabric so I know where it was from,  how much I paid, and if possible the length. This way, I can justify (in my own warped world of fabric justification) using certain fabrics for my girls.


The top doesn’t need any explanation. It is simply a cropped version of the MOOCHi zip back version, cut shorter to make a top. I love this style of top on little girls and it seems to have the dress/swish factor that ensures it is actually worn, when other singlet tops are not (in my house anyway!). The MOOCHi pattern is free for anyone who wants it. You can see other versions here, and here.

But what I really wanted to mention about this top is the fabric. Does anyone else out there have trouble discerning right sides from wrong? Sometimes I feel like I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out which fabric side to use! I’m pretty sure I chose the wrong side with this Japanese cotton, but it was the side I liked most. It has white embroidered flowers running through the print, but these are printed over on what I think is the right side, so you can only feel them rather than see them. On the side I chose, the print is less vibrant and has that underside look about it, but the white embroidery can be seen (and doesn’t actually look like wrong side embroidery), so that is the side I chose to use. Anyway, it caused me an evening of musing!

wrong side?

right side?

The shorts were made using another Japanese craft book pattern. It came from the same book as this dress I made for my eldest daughter last year. In fact, the same cotton sateen was used in her waistband and sash so they can match each other now.

It was a super easy pattern and the little peep loves the pockets. I’m pretty happy with her red, white, and blue outfit for our Fourth of July street party. It’s missing the white factor but at least it isn’t an Elsa dress!

FREE MOOCHI dress pattern is live

Just a short post to let you know the MOOCHi dress pattern is up and ready to be downloaded and it is totally FREE.

MOOCHi gathered back maxi

The instructions are there for the gathered back version (zip back instructions are on the way). The link is in a page heading under my blog name. I’m trying to figure out how to turn this link into a badge on my sidebar, so you might see it there soon.

The pattern pieces for size 2-3 are ready to go. Size 4-5 should be live by the end of the week!

Zip back mid length version that has just been cropped to a make a top

MOOCHi zip back mid length


Don’t forget to share your makes!

Introducing MOOCHi…free pattern ALERT!

This post and pattern-to-come is dedicated to the orchid that was sacrificed during the taking of these photos.


I’m just so excited to introduce this sweet little dress to you all! The dress you see in the above photos is the pullover version, without any closures. It uses elastic in the back bodice to bring the fit in nicely. I’ve made my maxi version using gorgeous Japanese cotton and pink shirting from Tessuti Fabrics (seen here also). However, it’s also possible to make a shorter version of the skirt without the extra bottom panel.

I’m currently in the process of putting together a pattern and tutorial for these dresses. The first pattern will be released in a size 2-3 (that means, in my experience, it should fit two year olds AND three year olds AND the odd 18mth old if you make the short version – that’s more than two years of wear for the price of one!). There will be more sizes to come!
So would you like to see how this dress pattern came about? I put the design together about a  year ago and made it for the first time in a pretty Ralph Lauren floral from Tessuti. Little Mooch (nicknamed by her big sister) was only 18 months old at the time. It was one of those magical times when a pattern comes together perfectly the first time round.

The fabric was leftover from a few other dresses I’d made earlier. And yes, there were days when Miss-middle-child orchestrated a family outing with us all in matching attire. 

Towards the end of the year, I also made a slightly larger version for Miss nearly-Four. It has also become a much favoured dress for her. I love these dresses because they are super cute, but also super comfortable. They are not at all restrictive, can be layered with T-shirts in cooler weather, and above all, are very easy to make. My girls love them as much as I do (which is saying a lot in this household!).

My middle Miss received hers last Christmas. You can read more about this one here.


The pattern itself is ready to go, I just have to work out how to add it (including a badge link) to my blog….and I just realised that I should do some line drawings of the pattern too (I will apologise for the quality of these in advance!) So stay tuned for more to come!