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More Simplicity 8668 for a little winter coat

I purchased some very pink pinewale cotton corduroy from Spotlight about three years ago. Heaven knows why I bought so much of it, but I have been trying to whittle away at my supply ever since. Thankfully, it is actually a great wearing fabric and from experience, it washes well and fades little. I thought it would do nicely for a little winter coat, as long as I was able to underline/interline (what’s the right word for this, anyone?) in a better insulating material.

I used Simplicity 8668 for the coat. More recently, I’d used this pattern to make Miss Four a little ponte dress. I lined the jacket in a pretty cotton chambray that I was lucky enough to pick up as a $10 roll from Tessuti Fabrics.



This was an absolute steal. I think I have about 10m of this gorgeous chambray and it is just so versatile for a little girl’s wardrobe. I know it isn’t the best fabric for lining a jacket (particularly patch pockets!), but it was the prettiest match I had on hand.
I also underlined the jacket with bamboo wadding. Bamboo is fabulous as a fabric! And bamboo wadding works wonderfully inside jackets. It insulates well, is antibacterial, wicks away moisture, is quite light and compact, washes beautifully and holds its shape (no need for quilting it in the jacket). I purchased it from the Bamboo Fabric Store some time back. I’ve also sewn with bamboo jersey, terry towelling, and ribbed knits before and they are all just beautiful.

But back to the underlining. I wasn’t quite sure whether I should have basted the wadding to the lining or to the outer fabric. In the end, I chose the lining because I though it would make the front facing area too bulky when it overlapped. I would love some advice on this! But first, some more shots of the super cool one.

The buttons I used were from All Buttons. I’d originally purchased them for a Chanel-style jacket I was making for myself last year. I think they add a little class to the candy pink cord (you may have noticed I am doing my best to counter-pink the pinkness of the cord). I also cheated when setting in the sleeves, simply gathering them rather than easing them in. It’s a hastily made jacket, but then I didn’t want to spend a lot of time or money on something that gets worn as hard as it will on Miss Two.

The jacket is a size 4 so it swims on little Miss Two. But as long as I can see her head and hands, I am ok with this. It means she will be warm! Especially when she teams it with her new wool ponte pants (made using New Look 6016 ). I think these pants are super cool. They are unfortunately a little low in the rise for nappy wearers but I think we can get by with this for a few months until she is properly ready for her big girl undies.

And now for the winning pose…

Little lady in red: Simplicity 8668

I did not have high hopes for this dress, but it managed to surprise me. This was a stash busting exercise. I’m trying to reduce my stash so I don’t have to leave any behind. Now I am more than happy to leave clothes behind (even unworn clothes – they are all handmade in my house these days) but I simply cannot bear to part with my fabric. Some would say that this makes no sense at all.

So after looking through my patterns, I found this beautiful little vintage design, Simplicity 8668.

The fabric I used was a ponte knit from Tessuti Fabrics. Both colours were picked up as remnants last season when I was slightly obsessed with ponti knits. The pattern size meant that this dress was destined for Miss Four, but she was quite adamant from the outset that she liked neither the red, nor the beige, and simply wouldn’t consider it if I didn’t add some pink (I tried to win her over with these pretty little vintage buttons).

I didn’t make many changes to the pattern. Instead of inserting an invisible zip in the back, I used loop closures and a long slit. I also shaved a little off the sleeve caps to reduce the ease. I probably should have lengthened the dress too, but I didn’t.

My one disappointment is in not lengthening it. Miss Five fell in love with the dress at first sight and it fit her well enough, except for the fact that I could see her little bottom. Miss Four reluctantly partook in the photos. It’s probably the last time she will wear it. I, however, think the dress is lovely. It reminds me a little of Agent 99’s fashion in Get Smart (the original of course!) and how comfy is a ponte knit for little girls to play in?!

And now for the serious model poses…her idea, not mine!